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Get cool cowards


🌻I like the color black

i have so much work to do, rip .

⚡️.[ don’t repost ]

this will always be iconic .

my strange addiction is probably gonna be my fav on the new album tbh .

i really wanna see tøp live .

it’s my friends birthday tomorrow 😤 comment ‘happy bday justin’ .

i want it to be my bday already so i can get money lmao .

my day just went downhill sondwojdwojd[ don’t repost ]


hi, i love this picture .

this photoshoot is amazing .[ don’t repost ]

i hope her legs start feeling better 😕 .[ don’t repost ]

this pic is iconic idc .

throwback 💙.[ don’t repost ]

🤪.[ don’t repost ]

mega sigh hours .

i had a dream she liked another one of my posts lmao im lowkey sad .

🥺+😴 <- me rn.(tag her for no reason lol). [ don’t repost ]

gotta have these pics in my feed 🌝.

i’m excited for today 🥴.

my sleep schedule is ✨ horrible ✨ .

i didn’t know it was possible to be this sleepy omg .

this is amazing .

she 👏🏻 needs 👏🏻 to 👏🏻 stop 👏🏻 jumping 👏🏻 so 👏🏻 hard 👏🏻 but 👏🏻 also 👏🏻 sis 👏🏻 deserves

apparently she’s dying her hair gray again, lemme cRY .

idek if i’m posting too much or not enough .

let’s hope my dad doesn’t make me go to school tomorrow 🤧

we love bil being a mood 😤

bil in france 👀

i’ve been eating mac & cheese for the past 3 days .

if y’all want something to watch on Netflix, you should watch Skin Wars .[ don’t repost ]

i slept all day bc i felt horrible lol rip .[ don’t repost ]

98% + of you never join my lives 😔. [ don’t repost ]

im surprisingly not feeling ~ horrible ~ rn so wow

ive been awake for 21 hours what

idk what to do with my feed 🤩

the first (& last) time i had the flu, it was not this bad oml .

i have the flu 😔

i literally feel like death oh no .(tag her 🥴)

(epilepsy trigger warning) .me if i don’t have the flu .

i really hope i don’t have the flu

i’m getting sick again yikes .[ don’t repost ]

a person in my class played ‘bury a friend’ in the gym for like 30 seconds and i was shook. didn’t see who it was tho🤧* 5 days later, i now

hermosa .[ don’t repost ]