• This couldn’t get us any happier 😊!  court_dawn_1294 - Courtney Dawn Sims
  • Today as I put these shorts on I reminded myself that I am still working on reaching my goals, and I need to be confident on where I currently am on this journey. But I'm happy with how they fit and that's what matters the most. These shorts may not be the size I wish to be, but what they showed me as I put them on is that I can be confident, strong, and one day can use these to show you just how far I have come since the beginning of the year. But also as I wear these I noticed that they are already feeling loose and probably in a month I will be able to find a different size to wear. It's not the size that matters but it how you wear it that's the most important. Feel confident in yourself no matter where you are in any journey in your life!! issexy

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    28 days ago

    This couldn’t get us any happier 😊!