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  • 🔥 MUSCLE BUILDING vs FAT LOSS 🔥*Swipe to see How to tweak recipes to fit your goals💪⠀Do you want to be able to incorporate your favourite meals regardless of your goals? Knowing how to tweak a recipe to fit your goals is a great asset for flexible dieting.⠀✅It’s all about portion sizes and the right ingredients⠀🥛PROTEIN SHAKE🥛Whatever your goal is I got you😋Left Shake pictured: High Calorie and High CarbsRight Shake pictured: Refreshing Protein Coffee⠀🥞PROTEIN PANCAKES🥞⠀🌮CHIPOTLE BOWL FOR FAT LOSS AND MUSCLE GAIN🌮⠀🥣OATMEAL IN A JAR🥣Quick, efficient, high protein and will keep your hunger satisfied.⠀🍨ICE CREAM SHAKES🍨Regardless of your goal, you can still definitely enjoy ice cream, just in a creative way! :)⠀🏋️‍♀️ Follow us (@gains) for best fitness posts! 🙌🏼⠀Photos @evolvetrainingsystemCaption written by @caloriefixes