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  • Defeat is an incredibly powerful word👇The word defeat signifies prevention from achieving a goal. It rejects any hope that may have been. It closes the door on any dreams or aims that keep you motivated or drivenSome days, it’s natural to feel like you’re not getting anywhere, and the EASY option is to stop altogether. Here, you are defeated. You have subconsciously made the decision in your head that something is too hard to achieve or that you’re not good enough to achieve it, rendering your goal impossibleFollowing on from the saying “you can do anything, not everything”, take small steps to make sure you’re approach is structured and consistent. Chip away at the imperfections on one of your goals or aims. Before you know it, you will have achieved your goal. When you reach that very first goal, only then will you understand how powerful your mind can be. From then on, it only gets easier and more exciting.Remove the word “defeat” from your vocabulary. You don’t need it anymore 👊