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  • If convergence is freedom we were both free. Hands mingled like, two worlds crying out to be together. We would collided like two rivers rushing down two mountainsWe once met at a crossroadsWe forgot separation, we kissed longing goodbyeWe used to break into songThe blue bird of happiness would sing in our yard If suffering is freedomWe are both freeShe is a homeless sparrowI am a caged canaryShe flits from branch to branchHer heart is rent and tornMine myself I rendalong lines of defiance To love is to search for oneTo love is to long for oneTo find only to lose againOh, the cruel tricks of romanceJust lies, all liesCan you say there was such a thing as loveNo, I think there was no such thing I suffered for daysI suffered in silenceThis short sojournIn the chaos of a hurricaneI aged a thousand yearsHolding on to bitternessIf suffering is freedomThen we were both free Only these glances remainFrom suffering all that painYou could say the mist in our eyesWas the like the mists at sunriseJust lies, all liesCome day they fade awayScattering on the winds ()