Mostly, my weekend will look like this. Slouching on a big sofa, mug of tea at arm's length, board game on the coffee table, as I continue to try & introduce more non-digital time out in my life. Sound cosy as? This was. But now let me tell you about an altogether more messy 'behind the gram' story about a more recent time I combined the hot tea & board game combo. We had a rare Friday night out at our friends' home. Juggling their jobs, their childcare & their house renovations, they still found time to make us a delicious homemade pie followed by cake for dinner so turn up we did, armed with our pub quiz board game for our Friday night. Within about 9 minutes, I had spilled hot liquorice tea all over my clothes & feet - and their seating🙈 - and found myself in their shower, being lent their clothes & being amazed that when my minor burn started to sting, they just happened to magic up fresh aloe vera gel squeezed straight out of the aloe vera plant they happened to be growing on their windowsill?! Fast forward a couple of weeks & their chair cover is clean, my burn is long gone & I'm left with a very fuzzy & comforting feeling about the kindness & care they showed me that night, the excitement of seeing fragrant aloe vera gel coming straight out of a leaf & the simple pleasures of playing board games with friends at the end of a busy week. PS, it was boys vs girls on the pub quiz board game & I left it till after international women's day to tell you the boys won. 📷taken @casablancahotelnyc - review up on [Ad ]