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  • For as long as I can remember I loved reading. I loved reading the ideas of another person pinned down on paper. A picture was always printed in my mind like a movie through words by the hands of the narrator. Growing up my love for poetry, books of any genre, and even mangas/manhwas grew more. “Books are a person's best friend” was what my dad had always told me from a very young age. Maybe that’s where my love for reading formed or it could have been how it had always blown my mind the way books could place in me into another realm all together until the last page. I would be so taken by a story that I found myself laughing when the story was funny, crying when storyline struck an emotion inside of me, and felt everything like I was the character inside of those books. Maybe that's what good writers are able to do. They pull you right into the book and make you go on the rollercoaster by mere words. That's exactly what I strive to achieve. I want individuals to be taken by my words and by my poetry.