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  • You say I dream to Big? I say you think to smallSadness doesn't equal hate and a broken heart doesn't justify revengeRoses are red, Violets are blue blah blah blahMy mind is fuzzy and my senses are dull, like I'm underwater_______________________________________What do you see when you look into the flames?The fire twists and turns through the air as if it's dancing.It spits sparks and smoke into the sky and crackles.Almost as if it's laughing, burning the wood beneath it.It gives off heat.A savior if it wants to be, but also a deadly viper, ready to lounge out and bite you if you get to close.Well,Most people see a flame. They think it's unpredictable, which might be. It shakes, it sputters and it's difficult to control.But you can always trust a fire to destroy.You can trust it to burn, to heat, to light, to kill.It's what it does best.__________________________________________I learned a lot in Wattpad...believe it or not@jessie.b_15 rs_anonymous bsession ist gram s